• Maxime Taccardi

    Maxime Taccardi

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    i’m so fuckin happy about guillermo del toro’s house….

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  • The lady of Elx

    The lady of Elx

  • A couple of doors in a small medieval mountain village in Italy called Pontito.

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Memento Mori, Skeleton Rocking Chair


    Memento Mori, Skeleton Rocking Chair

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    Hand Of Glory Candle - Amulet Candles Altar Herbs Rustic magical pagan occult magic spell removing obstructions

    Made Over four hours from a lovely Blend of Beeswax ,homegrown Mandrake and natural fibre wicks.
    Based on the traditional hand of glory as featured in the wickerman - 

    The Hand of Glory candle is a paraffin wax candle cast from a human hand. It
    has 5 wicks, one for each finger, allowing the users to burn off different fingers,
    thus creating personalized gestures.
    It is based on the European tradition of severing the hand of a recently hanged
    criminal, pickling it and infusing it with several oils and fats to create a candle.
    Stories about the Hand of Glory say it was used by burglars to render their victims
    motionless, allowing them to enter their homes without obstruction.

    There were a couple of versions of the Hand on Glory. In one interpretation, a clenched hand is used as a candleholder, with the candle held between the bent fingers. In another version, such as the hand at the Whitby Museum in England, all five fingers of an outstretched hand were lit. If one of the fingers did not light, the burglars saw it as a sign that someone in the house was still awake. The Whitby Museum has the only known surviving Hand of Glory.

    Let those who rest, and more deeply sleep, 
    Let those awake make their vigils keep, 
    Oh hand of glory please shed thy light, 
    Direct us to our spoils tonight.

  • Antonio Corradini

    Antonio Corradini